Top Five Reasons to Live in the South

Jun 14

America is the greatest country in the world, no doubt about it. One of the many reasons that the United States is uniquely amazing is the variety of cultures within its many, vast regions. I recently became fascinated with the American South, known for its sweet tea and even sweeter charm.

After some research, I am convinced that this area of the world is the best place to live if you value good food, kind people, and radiant feelings. Those reasons and more constitute my list of the top five reasons you ought to live in the South:

  • Food and Drinks

Have you ever had sweet tea so thickly sweet that it crawls down your throat? This may sound unappetizing, but at least give it one try. You will not regret it. And don’t worry, most Southern restaurants have tasty comfort food to wash down with your tea.

Southern staples include fried chicken, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese (get it baked!), and fruit pies. I absolutely recommend a local joint to get the real peek at Southern dining.

  • Hospitality

The best way to understand the difference between Southern culture and the culture from other places like New York is to simply walk down the street. Barring a rare exception, an elderly Southerner will likely say hello. At the very least, friendly smiles will be exchanged and eye contact is encouraged.

As the law firm Truslow & Truslow discuss on their website, Southern culture evokes an ideal in which local businesses know the name of their customers and are concerned with the welfare of their community. In other places, however, attitudes like these can be uncommon and even discouraged.

  • Music

Not all Southern music is honky-tonk country music that you are expected to boot-scoot to in your best Wranglers and widest ten-gallon hat. However, Southern country concerts are an experience that everyone should take part in, at least once in life.

From South Carolina to Texas, the South has endless opportunities to hear singers and bands from all genres. Though there is a definite predilection toward country music, many icons from other genres like rockstar Janis Joplin are Southern born-and-bred.

  • Climate

You have probably heard a thing or two about the Southern heat. But a person interested in living in the South should not be afraid of the sun! The climate is definitely warmer and more humid than other areas of the country. However, every region comes with its price: tornadoes are much more common in the Midwest than in the South, and blizzard-ridden winters are rare for Southern states.


Trust me, there are many other reasons to live in the patch of sunshine known as the South. Obviously, differing priorities result in different reasons to move here.

The best place to live is the place you feel most comfortable and most yourself. Maybe the South is not for you. But with the food, friendliness, and tunes, maybe it is!

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